Aging parents or other elderly family members are difficult to care for, especially if they are living in a community living center. That difficulty is surprisingly greater for those far from their senior loved ones. The distance between them often makes it too easy to forget about providing support and assistance. However, there are numerous ways of offering assistance when your elder is a resident at a community living home in Alaska. Here are some tips on providing help and care while keeping you and your family near in heart and spirit.

Be Present

Supporting senior family members in assisted living is an important responsibility. One of the best ways to do this is to be present in their lives. Regularly visit, take them out for lunch or on an excursion, and communicate via phone or video chat when it’s not possible to visit in person.

By providing your physical presence, you are a pillar of support and help the senior family members stay engaged and connected with the world around them. This connection makes all the difference in promoting their mental and physical well-being and enhancing their overall assisted living experience.Make sure you stay connected throughout the week by calling or sending letters of encouragement to keep a loved one’s spirits up.

Learn About What They Need

A great way to start is to learn what they need when supporting senior family members in community living. Aided living provides a community for seniors rather than care from a medical staff member. Research the community options tailored to meet seniors’ needs to have a better understanding of what will benefit them most in their new living arrangement. This way, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on the kind of assistance you provide for them and understand why certain community options are more beneficial than others.

Understand Their Feelings

Many senior family members living with memory care services experience fear, uncertainty, and loneliness. Spend quality time with them and take the time to understand their feelings. Showing compassion and letting them know that, despite their challenges, they are cared for and looked after will go a long way toward making them feel safe and secure.

When visiting the senior family member, focused conversations will help trigger memories. Set aside time each week to explore those memories while emphasizing that their life is still meaningful today.

Help Them Adjust

For those who may have recently moved their family member to an assisted living community in Juneau, AK, one of the best ways to help them adjust is to make regular visits. Besides providing emotional support and being there for conversation, visiting will help invite familiarity and comfort into their new home. Having familiar faces that check in every so often will do wonders in easing the transition and remind them of how loved they are.

Be Involved in Their Care

Another way to support senior family members in community living is to be involved in their care. Staying informed and keeping lines of communication open is important when helping your loved one adjust to their new living arrangements. Attending medical checkups and asking questions about medication, diet, and activities may help reassure them that you are there for them even when you’re far away. Additionally, respecting the staff and getting to know their caregivers could create a more receptive environment for your loved one and their care providers.

Respect Their Wishes

Another way to support an elderly loved one is to respect their wishes as much as possible. Asking for their input on matters that affect their daily life, like meal choices and favorite activities, is one way to incorporate a sense of autonomy in the aging process. Keeping familiar items from home around them, such as photos and old furnishings, will also help create an environment that promotes comfort and positivity. Creating pathways for family members to communicate with respect and understanding will be paramount in ensuring the years of community living are enjoyable and high-quality.

Supporting family members in community living centers is challenging, and it can often feel like you’re miles away from them. However, with the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to make sure the family member feels loved and supported even from a distance. From utilizing technology to sending gifts, these tips can help you provide the support that your senior loved one needs.

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