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At Riverview Senior Living in Juneau,AK, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:


“As the first Assisted Living Facility in Juneau, Riverview Senior Living has done a great job working with people in our community that need the support they provide. I have worked with several Patients as they transition into Riverview. The whole set up is amazing, beautiful rooms, cozy theatre and adorable bistro. I am grateful to have a place for patients that need the support of an Assisted Living, and the kind staff to go along with it.”

Katti Carlson, LMSW, (AK,ID), Licensed Masters Social Worker

“I feel comfortable here, I was thinking it was too far out because I lived downtown before here, but it isn’t too bad because you always have transportation. I enjoy my apartment because you can fix it any way you want. I was thinking what am I going to do for my retirement and I am glad I found this place, they have everything.”

Charlotte McConnell

“I wrote this on May 24th – it has been one week and two days of my living at Riverview Senior Living. First off, I LOVE IT. Everyone is so nice and we are like one big family. Are we hungry you ask? Let me tell you we are not hungry. The food here is great. We have had salmon, pot roast, steak and many other wonderful dishes. We always have soup or salad and vegetables. The Chef and his staff are great. I did my laundry and the machines are high tech and long cycles but once I used it, it was easy to do. You can do your own or have the caregivers do it for you. We have activities and our director keeps us pretty busy doing different things. It has been fun, especially playing bingo and having to watch out that the director does not cheat. We laugh about it. The furniture for the place came and things are shaping up. I love the love seat and it would go well in my apartment. More and more people are moving in and we are getting to know each other. Am I unpacked yet -no I am not but the others are not unpacked either but it will happen. The drawers to the cupboards shut automatically and it’s fun to do all at the same time. The staff is on top of it. The caregivers as they are called and the nurses are wonderful. I love it here and it was the best decision that I have ever made. If you have not checked Riverview out you must come and check it out. This place was needed in this community for a long time.”

Wanda Fleming

“This place allows you personal privacy yet you are part of a group and I will say this I have had two needs where I needed to press this little button and every time someone has come, and they were there fast and nice about it, they didn’t tell me “oh you need to watch what you are doing” they just helped me, had medics here immediately and they made me feel like I was safe. Mostly I like the safe part.”

Jean Overstreet

“It was a blessing to have Riverview come here, this was needed and is the best decision I made…My friend told me the other day “you have changed, when you lived in the condos you weren’t as happy, you have changed since you moved into Riverview…”I am happy to be here and I don’t ever want it to go away.”

Wanda Fleming

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