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Supporting Elderly Family Members in Assisted Living: Tips and Techniques

Aging parents or other elderly family members are difficult to care for, especially if they are living in a community living center. That difficulty is surprisingly greater for those far from their senior loved ones. The distance between them often makes it too easy to forget about providing support and assistance. However, there are numerous [...]

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How You Can Talk to Your Aging Parents About Finances

As a child of aging parents, you'll inevitably need to bring up the subject of money and finances. Older parents often retire from their jobs and rely on savings and retirement plans to carry them through. In addition, seniors face increased medical expenses and must plan for their future healthcare needs. These plans usually include [...]

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Why It’s Important to Consider Therapy When Looking for Assisted Living?

Finding the right senior living community for a loved one can be incredibly difficult, especially if that person suffers from chronic health conditions. It's not just about finding an assisted living home that offers residents help with the activities of daily life so they can maintain some level of independence, although that's certainly important. It's [...]

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Talking With a Loved One in Denial About Assisted Living

As our loved ones age, they may need specific care to stay comfortable. If they cannot take care of themselves, the family often gets involved in finding a solution. Figuring out ways to talk to a loved one in denial about assisted living ensures everyone feels good about their living conditions. Why is Your Loved [...]

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Seniors Suffering from Depression Can Find Relief Through Assisted Living

Depression in seniors creates unhealthy circumstances if families do not act quickly to help them. After retirement, many seniors spend the majority of their time alone and succumb to the effects of isolation, and unfortunately, their families don't recognize the warning signs immediately. A senior community could provide the elderly with a better environment especially [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dementia

Around 55 million people in the world have dementia. This condition is a broad category that includes many types of dementia. Understanding this disease and its many types will help educate family members and their loved ones and ensure they seek medical care right away if they develop symptoms. Those who suffer from dementia may [...]

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Riverview Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating senior living terms and levels of care can be confusing and many people have questions. Click here to get our printable 5-page “Frequently Asked Questions” resource guild to help you find the right community and level of support that is best for you and your loved ones. Click Here to see our Frequently Asked [...]

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